Final Countdown

Greetings from New York City!

I hope you all have been well—I know it’s been a while. Though I haven’t been filling up your inboxes, I apparently have filled some of your thoughts because the donation turnout this year has been amazing—we are up over $9,000! I am blown away and humbled by your support. What a special effort for a special cause. Those who have been meaning to donate can do so at the link below:

It would seem, then, that I haven’t been holding my side of the bargain (depending on how you feel about subpar blogging). Let’s just say I needed that Chipotle burrito to finally digest completely, or that I was preoccupied getting all of those pesky gorilla hairs off my head. (Kidding about the second one, I need to conserve all the hair I can at this point!)

Speaking of hair, my hamstring had me pulling my hair out these last few weeks. I was pretty worried about it, to be completely honest. But I am glad to say it is back to 100%, thanks mostly to the folks at Kinetic Chain and the ancient torture technique that is active release. My stubborn hammie was no match for these bad boys:


Since my last post, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the wedding of my college teammate Matt Simpson and his beautiful wife Jenny Reese…


…and feel small among these fine young men.

Wedding Bros

I also spent a day working in the Greenhill office in sunny San Francisco…


…where the SF team showed their support…


…and I got plenty of training in on those ridiculous hills.

SF Hill

Most recently, my roommates and I moved into a new townhome. As you can see, we are still paying homage to our favorite NFL washout-turned investment banker 🙂


Fully moved in and hamstring healed, this week was all about giving my body some much-needed TLC. Thanks to the folks at Cryo USA, I got to experience the magic of cryotherapy.

Full disclosure: I wanted to get a picture of myself in the machine, but I didn't want to be that guy since it was my first visit

Full disclosure: I wanted to get a picture of myself in the machine, but I didn’t want to be that guy since it was my first visit.

So we are finally here, the weekend of the competition. I am going to enjoy the City and the company of some friends for a couple days. Come Sunday, it’s go time. Here is the donation link one last time for the brave souls who have made it this far:

Thanks as always for reading,


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