First Person

Welcome back! I want to start by wishing a very happy birthday to my younger brother Justin, who turns 24 today. Enjoy your Jack Bauer Year, I hope it’s the bee’s knees…

JZ Bee

For all you ladies out there, Justin is 1) single and 2) about to receive his white coat from Duke Physical Therapy school. He also does a truly cringe-worthy Nay Nay…

JZ Naynay
Be glad this isn’t a video…

Now, I’ve had a bunch of people ask me what type of workouts I have been doing to train for the competition. I figured the best way to answer would be to give you a true first-person look. So here it goes.

On the morning of Tuesday May 27th, I took my preworkout and was like…

Video credit to Travis ‘Bones’ Baker

When I got to the gym, I put on my GoPro head contraption thingy and was like…


Here is the workout, followed by a first-person video:

Start Circuit [2 sets]
Ground Start + Push-up Start + One-Legged Start + 40 Start (all 10 yards)
w/ Med Ball Slams (10 reps)

Lower Body Explosiveness [10 sets]
Deadlift at 315 lb. x2
w/ Box Jump (36” Box) x5
REST 0:30 btwn sets

Shoulder Circuit [3 sets]
Handstand Push-ups x15
w/ Battle Ropes (0:30 continuous)

‘Dirty Thirty’ [2 sets]
Sled push at 225 lbs (30 yards)
Sled backward drag at 225 lbs (30 yards)

‘400 The Hard Way’ [2 sets]
200m rowing machine + 200m sprint

Thanks as always for your interest and continued support. I am over $4,000 in donations, which is awesome! There is still plenty of time to donate, and plenty of “soft verbals” out there (you know who you are). The link to donate is below:

Take Care,


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