Godzilla Training

Hello everyone! I wanted to start off by thanking those that have donated so far. I have raised almost $3,000 to date, which is awesome! The event is exactly one month away, so there is still plenty of time for you to make donations. Here is the link for those that are feeling ambitious: https://www.thedecathlon.org/donate/make-donation/?userid=649

By this point, most of you have probably seen or heard about the new Godzilla movie. I personally haven’t seen the movie, but it got me thinking–Godzilla must work out sooo much! He just keeps coming back after being defeated / thwarted / contained. Dude is on his 28th (shout out to Wikipedia) movie! He is looking as jacked and intimidating as ever, and has terrifying efficiency when it comes to destroying things:

So in honor of the new Godzilla movie, I decided to do a “Godzilla Workout.” The only real criteria here was that I couldn’t lift any weights–Godzilla would never lift weights becuase they don’t make dumbbells that big. That’s just science. Enjoy…

You know what they say, “Train like no one is watching…but then, of course, video tape it.”

Special thanks to Drake (@champagnepapi) for the background music. I had to use the clean version because he just gets so worked up when he thinks about cancer! And who can blame him? At the end of the day, all of this training and subpar blogging is really about funding research to help treat pediatric cancer.

Even Godzilla can get behind that. I’m just hoping he doesn’t destroy New York City before June 22nd–I’m planning on doing that myself.

Here is the link once again for those who want to donate: https://www.thedecathlon.org/donate/make-donation/?userid=649

Thanks as always for your support,


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