The Event

Before I go into detail about the event, I just wanted to show my thanks. If you are reading this right now, it means you either donated or have been keeping up with my progress–in either case, THANK YOU. The event was a great experience, in large part because of the people reading this right now. You are awesome.

So, let’s go back to July 28th. My entire family made the trip to watch me compete, which was very special, and I got to spend some quality time with some of my best friends from college. It was truly a great weekend.

NYC Decathlon 269
My personal cheering section (minus Mom, Dad, and Caitlin)

As for the event, I placed 3rd overall out of more than 100 competitors. Were it not for a stumble out of the gates (literally, discussed below), I very well might have won. That being said, I absolutely won the football combine (4.39 40, 4.03 shuttle, 39″ vertical). And we all know that’s all that matters 🙂

Below is an event-by-event breakdown. All pictures were taken by my Dad, unless otherwise noted.

Event 1: 400 meter dash

Going into the competition, I wanted to go with the shock and awe strategy in the first event. My goal was to break the event record of 51.08 seconds to let all the other competitors know I meant business. I got in a great warm-up and the legs were feeling good. Throw in some adrenaline and a healthy dosage of preworkout, and I was wired and ready to get after it.

NYC Decathlon 118

400 meters remaining
NYC Decathlon 050

Once I heard the gun I was shot out of a cannon. To borrow a phrase from ex-Cowboys Special Teams Coach Joe DeCamillis, I was “flat ass rollin'” (you know, minus the whole flat ass part haha). Note to self: do not wear tights like this in public ever again. EVER.

250 meters remaining
NYC Decathlon 054

Feeling great. At this point, I have about a 50 meter lead (according to my family). I probably ran the 1st 200 in 21-22 seconds (unsustainably fast–this will come into play later).

100 meters remaining
NYC Decathlon 060

The adrenaline / preworkout is wearing off. I now feel like the Toyota Tundra that towed the US space shuttle. My legs are borderline unresponsive.

50 meters remaining
NYC Decathlon 065

For all the kids out there, this is NOT what proper running form looks like. This IS, however, what happens when your upper torso starts to move faster than your lower body. After a few more steps of “swimming,” I am sprawled on the track (pardon my dad for not getting a shot, as he was probably in shock). After getting up, I come across the finish line in 57.7 seconds. In other words:


Event 2: Football Throw – 54 yards

I was expecting this to be my worst event. Happy with the performance, considering I was barely able to stand and breathe and stuff after the 400.

Event 3: Pull Ups – 18 reps

NYC Decathlon 094
Started off strong…

NYC Decathlon 115
Then things got a little harder. This has Tinder profile pic written all over it… (also note Outfit #2)

UPDATE: Through 3 events (and 2 outfits) I am in 28th place…


Event 4: 40 Yard Dash – 4.39 seconds (NEW EVENT RECORD) (“Fastest Man on Wall Street”)

Steps to running a fast 40:

NYC Decathlon 119
1. You can’t run a good 40 without a sweet warm-up. It’s science. (Also note outfit #3)

NYC Decathlon 121
2. Contort yourself into an extremely uncomfortable position

NYC Decathlon 123
3. Float a little bit

NYC Decathlon 126
4. Don’t forget to prance

NYC Decathlon 148
5. Pose for the camera at the finish line

That’s all there is to it 🙂

Event 5: Dips – 33 reps


Just terrible. Even my main ladies weren’t impressed:

NYC Decathlon 161

Event 6: 500m Row – 1:28

NYC Decathlon 181
So painful. Scratch my earlier Tinder pic comment, this is the one.

Event 7: Vertical Jump – 39 inches

This was a great result. (Photo Credit to Julia La Roche from

Event 8: Short Shuttle – 4.03 seconds

NYC Decathlon 190
This was a great result. (Outfit #4 unveiled)

Event 9: 175lb Bench Press – 33 reps

NYC Decathlon 217
Pretty solid work.

Event 10: 800 meter run – 2:30.64

Going into the last event, I knew that if I could beat the guy currently in 1st, I had a chance to win the event. So that was the goal. My second goal was to not fall…

NYC Decathlon 229
Finishing lap #1. I have the stride of either i) an 80 year old woman or ii) a competitive race-walker. Either one is not good.

NYC Decathlon 232
The back stretch. “Don’t fall, Don’t fall!”


After 5 hours of competition, I had finished my first RBC Decathlon. It was an extremely grueling, extremely rewarding experience. I plan on competing next year to improve upon my performance and bring home the gold. Once again, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your support and encouragement throughout the process. I learned that I am fortunate enough to know some great people.

All the best,


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