40 Yard Dash (for real this time)

Hey everyone. Before I get started, I just wanted to thank all of my family, friends, and co-workers for the support thus far. It has been awesome. The donations have been great, but the nonfinancial support has been just as inspirational. As of this morning, I was leading my age group (20-29) in donations, and y’all are the reason. Much love.


After my first 40 yard dash video, I have had a lot of people ask what I can really run these days (apparently the last video didn’t come across as too legit haha). So, after some slight Banker Games Support Staff personnel changes (Ryan Zych is out as Official Timer, but now is Guest Blogger Extraordinaire; Dallas Bush is now Official Timer) and the purchase of a 300 foot measuring tape, I ran another 40 yard dash this past weekend…

I ran 4 total, all in the 4.35 – 4.40 range, so that will be a good event for me in the competition. To all the HATERS out there, Dallas and I are way ahead of you. Below are your questions, followed by Dallas’ answers (Editor’s Note: Dallas Bush is ABOUT AS FAR AS ONE CAN GET from being a gang member):

1. Why does the video look so ratchet?

Dallas Scream

“See above for my reaction when the GoPro ran out of battery.”

2. How do I know you ran 40 yards?

Dallas Cholo

“That’s what the measuring tape is for. 40 yards = 120 feet, bro.”

3. How do I know the timing was legit?

Dallas Camo

“I know you heard the clicks of the stopwatch.”

4. Why should I trust you?


“Look at how inviting and trustworthy I look.”

5. Why do you look so happy?

Donation Screen

“I just went to https://www.thedecathlon.org/donate/search-for-competitor/?aname=zych&action=listcompetitors and made a donation to the cause.”

…See what I did there??

Thanks as always for reading.



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