Welcome back to the Banker Games!  Before I start, a quick word on the events in Boston last week. The response and resiliency of the city of Boston and its people was truly inspiring. My original feelings of overwhelming sadness gave way to those of tremendous pride for having spent four years of my life in such a city, and around such people. #Bostonstrong

Shifting gears, I want to send a special Thank You to everyone who has donated thus far.  You are obviously more generous and better at following directions than your peers.  For those who can’t contain their excitement and would like to donate before reading/watching, you can follow this link: Remember, 100% of donations go toward pediatric cancer research.


I just returned from a family vacation to Outer Banks, North Carolina, which consisted mostly of eating outrageous amounts of food cooked by the Zych/Grzelak women and taking bro pictures like this :

Photo: Which one doesn't belong? #adopted #texasforever

From left-to-right: Me, Ryan (aka “Lt. Dan”), Justin (aka “J Titties”).  I have been advised to share the donation link after shirtless pics, so here it is again:

With all that gratuitous flexing (apparently Lt. Dan didn’t get the memo), there wasn’t much time left to train.  Our beach house did have an Airdyne bike (not touching that after a few Tour de Frazierexperiences–ask any Harvard Football player about this) and a chest fly machine that looked like it belonged in one of the Saw movies, but I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Wanting to train for the 175 pound bench press (event #9 of the Banker Games), I found the next closest thing to a 175 pound barbell–my brother Justin.  What ensued was a true family effort, with none other than Mama Z behind the camera (make sure to watch with sound):

4 solid ass reps, I think it’s safe to say I took a step back…

Back at it this week, with more frequent blog posts to follow.  In case you were too distracted by the (all currently single) bronzed men above, here is the link to donate once again for good measure:

Thanks for reading, and take care.







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